SDL MultiTrans® Features

A Solid and Versatile Product

Keeping all stakeholders, no matter where they are, on the same page is key to translation project management best practices. When all translation processes can be hosted under one roof, and managed by staff familiar with the process, this centralizes the full localization operation which means time and costs savings for your company.

Productivity: Flow

Flow is our universally accessible project management tool. From Flow, you can control any module of the translation process in SDL MultiTrans. Access it online, on desktop or mobile web, or app (coming soon) and keep all stakeholders in one place. Translation submitters, project managers, and translators, each have their own interface with specific functionalities.

Customer Portal

  • Submit and update translation projects, including instructions and reference material
  • View and approve quotes
  • Track project status and history
  • Download, review and rate completed documents
  • Receive, view and track invoices
  • Run reports detailing the business, projects, and finances
  • Perform customer review tasks online or offline

PM Portal

  • Prepare quotations and invoices through automated calculations based on rates and project details
  • Create, edit, apply and delete customized workflow templates with unique task sets
  • View a detailed overview of the status of projects
  • Filter the list of providers suitable for each task based on their expertise, and other relevant criteria
  • Generate reports on all aspects of the business

Translator Portal

  • Bid on jobs, accept tasks and find all of the prerequisite files and project instructions in one single location
  • See task lists and preview upcoming workload
  • Upload completed documents and update the status of tasks
  • Work in a secure online translation environment or easily access documents for translation
  • Create and submit invoices

Linguistic Capabilities


Our Advanced Leveraging Translation Memory (ALTM) is one of the most advanced features in SDL MultiTrans. ALTM collects and indexes all your reference documents translated into one or multiple languages. Our translation memory helps you cut costs in many different ways: by aligning source texts and target texts at many different levels (words, paragraphs, segments, etc) increasing the match recovery rate and making information retrieval simple. ALTM is designed to reduce tedious tasks to a minimum, and when connected to Flow (our project management module), automation takes ALTM to a whole new level. Our translation memory helps localization teams maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reduce unproductive actions to a minimum. Connect TextBase to Flow and automate the whole process easily to excel at localization.


Our multilingual terminology database has one main mission: to keep consistency across all translations. Build your brand and connect values to your company without losing track of your message during translation. This is possible thanks to TermBase. Build a centralized glossary to extract, manage, control, share and use terminology throughout your organization. Whether your translations are carried out internally or externally, the TermBase component of the SDL MultiTrans TMS helps you eliminate inconsistencies and promote uniformity of terminology for stronger communications. Managed terminology benefits your entire organization and is relevant for user manuals, marketing collateral, legal documentation, financial reports, corporate information, and much more.

XLIFF Editor

The XLIFF Editor is an innovative translation editor used for documents in a variety of formats. It offers everything a linguist needs to do their work in a clean and structured manner, and without visual distractions from background document tags.

Web Editor

SDL MultiTrans’ Web Editor offers an online user-friendly and secure translation environment where content cannot be extracted. This secure and centralized environment make the process easier for linguists.

Connectors and Integrations

With SDL MultiTrans Connectors and Integrations, you can extend the functionality of the core components even further with a number of possible integrations, including our network of linguists, machine translation (MT) engines, another Translation Management System, as well as other enterprise systems and apps.

Our integrations enable users to send translation projects to the SDL MultiTrans TMS directly from their CMS. The connector installs directly into the CMS, providing users with a convenient console from where they can send documents and websites directly to SDL MultiTrans.

After projects are completed in the TMS, the CMS retrieves the translations and automatically places them in the correct locations. Content between the content owner, project manager, and linguists flows quickly, with minimal effort and a high level of security.

Our Machine Translation integrations connect directly to the Machine Translation engine of your choice, including SDL’s Enterprise Translation Server. Continue to retrieve the best possible suggestions for your translations coming from TextBases, TermBases, and other TMs, and machine translate the unmatched text.




At SDL MultiTrans’ core, automation is king. Customized workflows, move assets between stakeholders, notifying them immediately. Different departments can have different workflows adapted to their needs. SDL MultiTrans’ users simply need to focus on what matters: their work. Depending on their role, the system automatically notifies users of in-progress, upcoming or overdue tasks. Automated email alerts keep users notified of changes in the project status.


Translation is a fragmented, complex process that involves global teams in different time zones. Tracking progress, meeting security standards while maintaining high levels of confidentiality is a painstaking activity. Resources are consumed in manual tasks and errors are prone to happen. That’s why we have built a solid and versatile product that solves the pain points in the translation process. With SDL MultiTrans, not only are your linguistic assets centralized but all your projects tracked from one location.

Business Intelligence

Flow’s reporting features help you to track your business with both standard and customizable reports. Profitability, resource allocation, and outsourced expenses are just some of the business metrics available at your fingertips. You can then export reports in various formats, create reports on the fly, and schedule them to be automatically produced at regular intervals.

Deployment Options

SDL MultiTrans’ flexible architecture allows for robust and scalable deployments: on-premise, cloud (public and private) and hybrid setups.

We adapt the implementation of SDL MultiTrans to the security restrictions and business goals
of our client. Scalability is common to all SDL MultiTrans instances, allowing it to perform at its peak regardless of the installation chosen.

Cloud (public and private)



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